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Get Job Ready:
Blue Tongue Pathways

SLES: School Leaver Employment Supports

Are you unsure about what comes next after school?

Don’t know yet what kind of job you might like to aim for? 

If you’ve recently finished school, or you’re about to graduate, NDIS-funded School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) can help you find your pathway, and explore and experience potential jobs.    

Having your own job is great in so many ways, and not just for the financial independence it brings!

Being employed can give you a sense of pride, accomplishment, and purpose. 

School Leaver Employment Supports can be funded for up to two years for senior school students and recent school leavers (usually up to the age of 22).  

At Blue Tongue Pathways, we are passionate and committed to empowering your choice and control, independence, equity and equality! 

How SLES can help you

Our SLES program uses a person-centred and strengthsbased approach.

We will collaborate with you and your stakeholders to create an individualised capacitybuilding program, to help you build the skills and confidence you need to enter the workforce when you feel ready.  

The pathways:

  • Foundation skill development: build capacity in self-care and hygiene, active listening, travel training, money management, numeracy, literacy, work ethic, understanding your workplace rights, human rights (eg being treated equally, fairly and with dignity and respect), and other life skills.
  • Vocation-specific skill development: identify and learn the skills you’ll need in your chosen work area.
  • Supported work experience: find a match for voluntary placement opportunities with our support.
  • Education in mainstream studies: engage in mainstream courses or studies, with a support worker accompanying you during classes.
  • Supported employment and/or open employment: apply for jobs, and prepare for and attend interviews with our support, once you have completed the above stages, and you feel you are ready to enter the workforce.

If you still need ongoing employment support by the end of our program, we can refer you to further pathways with government-funded Disability Employment Services.

Let’s take the next exciting step in your life together! 

Personalised,<br>flexible<br> SLES supports 

SLES supports 

With Blue Tongue Pathways, you maintain choice and control over the direction you want to take with your SLES service. 

Support is offered one-on-one or in small groups, with a focus on real-world experiences. 

We have a number of associated social ventures where you can engage in work experience in a supported environment, such as: 

  • Blue Tongue Pantry’s kitchens, cafes and coffee cart
  • Green Thumbs garden maintenance service 

Looking for another industry? No worries!

We’ll support you to find work experience in your chosen area. 

Not quite sure what you want to do yet? That’s ok!

Through SLES you can learn about and experience a range of workplaces and industries, to help you find your calling! 

Am I eligible for SLES funding?

Young people who are preparing to finish school, or who have recently left school, may be eligible for SLES funding in their NDIS plan.

The funding is annualised, rather than a set per-hour rate, for flexibility. It is usually available for up to 2 years.

What is the difference between SLES and DES?

Disability Employment Service (DES) is designed to assist you when you are ready to work, for at least eight hours per week.

If you would like to work, but need some support to get job-ready, SLES could be for you.

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