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Transition Programs
Prepare for life after school

Preparing to finish school can be an exciting time, with so much to look forward to. 

It’s a big step! But leaving the familiar environment of school doesn’t need to be scary.  

Our transition programs offer you the chance to join us while you’re still at school, to become familiar with our friendly faces, engaging spaces, and exciting programs! 


At Blue Tongue Adventure you can

  • continue learning 
  • build new friendships 
  • explore your interests 
  • develop job skills 
  • increase your confidence 
  • learn life skills 
  • become more independent 

All while enjoying a regular routine.

Transition Options

Weekly Visits 

Join us each week for a few hours, or half a day.  

Create a reassuring and reliable routine,
and get to know our welcoming team and popular programs. 

School Holidays 

Join us during your school holidays!  

An immersive way to get to know Blue Tongue and experience a range of our fun activities. 

School-based Transition Programs 

Bring a small group from your school to join in with Blue Tongue Adventure on a weekly basis. Supported by your teachers, you can meet other Blue Tongue Crew members, start making friends, and discover the variety of programs we offer! 

Things to Know

Things to Know

Here’s how it works!

Is there any cost involved?

Contact our team directly to learn about the range of low-cost options available, whether you’re joining us individually or as part of a school group.

There is a small daily cash fee to cover resources. Normally $8, this is reduced to $5 for transition students.

When can I get involved?

Our days run from 9am to 3pm, Monday to Friday. You might like to come every day of your school holidays! Or you might like to choose your days based on which programs are available.

Contact us to chat about what you’d like to do!

Can you help me with my NDIS plan?

You’ll likely be having your NDIS plan reviewed when you finish school.  We can provide a Transition Report to include in your plan review. This explains what you’ve learnt and gained from the transition program, and the goals you could achieve if you continue with Blue Tongue Adventure, and the benefits for you and your family.

If you’re just starting your NDIS journey, we can connect you with a Support Coordinator, to help you prepare for your planning meeting and feel confident in explaining your needs.

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