Start your engines for our newest disability support day program – Pit Crew!

Whether you’re a mechanic in the making, or you don’t know a spark plug from a spare tyre – Pit Crew is the place to learn and refine your skills.

Based at our Wynnum workshop, this program takes participants through a range of car maintenance skills, supported by a qualified mechanic.

Members of the Pit Crew will learn how to:

  • Do inspections and light checks
  • Check engine oil and fluids
  • Check tyre pressure and rotate when needed
  • Keep the vehicle sparkling clean inside and out
  • Follow a log book and see when servicing is due

.. and many more tips for maintaining a well-oiled machine!

The Pit Crew will also be involved in taking vehicles to the mechanic for more detailed servicing. They’ll link in with the maintenance schedule for the fleet used by Blue Tongue Adventure’s parent company, Tea-Cup Cottage. This helps participants to understand the regular and routine maintenance that cars require, and what to expect on visits to the mechanic.

If your goal is to get a car of your own one day, Pit Crew will help you to learn how to maintain it.  Or maybe you’re interested in becoming a mechanic yourself  – the Pit Crew program can show you what your future job will be like! Hey, maybe you just love working with anything mechanical – then you’ll definitely love this program!

Pit Crew is the latest in our range of disability support day programs on offer to young adults. From art and woodwork workshops, to learning cooking skills in our own hospitality venues and even working with horses for equine-assisted learning – Blue Tongue Adventure’s programs are designed with young adults in mind.

Contact us for more information, or to sign up!