Wynnum is set to play host to an inspiring and thought-provoking art show this month, with Blue Tongue Adventure’s Art Showcase, displaying a vast array of pieces by artists involved in the disability support program. 

The event will feature a diverse range of art works, using media including woodwork, ceramics, paint on canvas, digital art, and textiles. The Blue Tongue Crew is also stocking the shelves with a variety of Blue Tongue Industries giftware items, including bath and body products, candles, and jewellery. 

Blue Tongue Adventure’s Tingal Road centre will be transformed into an elaborate gallery for the event, with guests enjoying drinks and canapés by Thorneside café Blue Tongue Pantry as they mingle and admire the works. There will also be live music by Blue Tongue Crew member Sam Mammino.  

“We’re so excited to showcase the beautiful pieces our Crew have created over the last few months,” coordinator Sam Franklin-Wangman said. 

“This event will uplift and inspire the Crew to continue these amazing creations, and provide the opportunity to showcase their work to their friends and family, as well as inspiring others in the community.” 

The Art Showcase will be held on Friday 23 February, 6:00pm-8:30pm at Blue Tongue Adventure, 260 Tingal Road Wynnum.

RSVP here!


As published in The Community Leader February 2024  

We’re throwing open the doors at Blue Tongue Adventure Gold Coast to show where all the fun happens!  Visit us and learn all about our vibrant day programs for young adults with disabilities, at our Discovery Day on Thursday November 17.

This open day is a chance for the whole community to:

  • Tour our immersive adventure space
  • Learn about the huge variety of day programs, and get hands-on with art workshops, games and activities
  • Check out the range of dedicated facilities, such as the sensory room, clinical rooms and indoor basketball court
  • Have all your questions answered by our program coordinators
  • Learn about School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) opportunities

The Details:

Thursday 17 November

9:30am-2:30pm – Stay for a little while, or stay all day

1/54 Siganto Drive Helensvale Gold Coast

Enjoy complimentary morning tea in our on-site bakery cafe until 10:30 am

All welcome!

Interested participants and their families/guardians
Support Coordinators
Teachers and Guidance Officers
Friends of current Blue Tongue ‘Crew’

To Register:

Call 1800 949 249
Email bluetonguegoldcoast@tea-cupcottage.com.au

Need help with the NDIS?
We’ll have coordinators on hand to give you the answers you need!

See you there!

At Blue Tongue Adventure, there’s just too much fun and action to pack into a five-day week – so now you can also join us on Saturdays, for the disability support social programs you know and love!

Saturday Social is open to adults aged 17 and over. It’s a chance to hang out with like-minded people, try new things, make friends, and generally have a blast, as we always do!

Just like our Monday to Friday disability support social programs, Saturday Social is guided by what the Blue Tongue Crew wants to do. We could hang out at our home base to enjoy things like art workshops, or music and dance… but since it’s the weekend, we’ll all be pretty keen to get out and about!  The Crew always loves exploring the community and all it has to offer. Whether that’s seeing the sights of our local area, or checking out games arcades or indoor trampolining – we’re up for anything!

Saturday Social runs from 9am to 3pm at our Wynnum and Helensvale bases. Pick-ups and drop-offs are available. As usual, remember to bring:

  • Bag
  • Hat
  • Water bottle
  • Morning tea and lunch or money to purchase
  • Resource fee

Grab your friends and get involved! Contact us today to join in the action!


Preparing to finish school can be an exciting time, with so much to look forward to.  New opportunities, more independence, and the beginning of your adult life. 

 It’s a big step! But leaving the familiar environment of school doesn’t need to be scary.  

 Blue Tongue Adventure’s disability support day programs for young adults provide a great opportunity to:

  • continue learning  
  • build new friendships 
  • explore your interests 
  • develop job skills 
  • increase your confidence 
  • learn life skills 
  • become more independent 

All while enjoying a regular routine.   

Our transition programs offer you the chance to join us while you’re still at school, to become familiar with our friendly faces, engaging spaces, and exciting programs! 

Three transition program pathways

Weekly Visits 

Join us each week for a few hours, or half a day.  Create a reassuring and reliable routine, and get to know our welcoming team and popular programs. 

School Holidays

Join us during your school holidays!  An immersive way to get to know Blue Tongue and experience a range of our fun activities. 

School-based Transition Programs 

Bring a small group from your school to join in with Blue Tongue Adventure on a weekly basis. Supported by your teachers, you can meet other Blue Tongue Crew members, start making friends, and discover the variety of programs we offer! 

Things to Know 

-Our days run from 9 am to 3 pm Monday to Friday.  You can join us every day, or you may like to pick and choose your days, based on the programs that are running each day.   

-There is a small daily fee to cover resources. Normally $8, this is reduced to $5 for transition program students.  

-If you’re joining us with your school, your teachers will be there with you to provide support while you’re taking part in our programs. Transport is also organised by your school.  

-If you’re joining us independently, you’ll be supported by the Blue Tongue Adventure team, and you can access our transport service. 

Blue Tongue Adventure is the perfect way to tackle adulthood with bucketloads of confidence! 

Want to know more?  Keen to see our amazing spaces in bayside Brisbane or Toowoomba?  

Call us on 1800 832 287  or email hello@bluetongueadventure.com.au – we can’t wait to meet you!



Start your engines for our newest disability support day program – Pit Crew!

Whether you’re a mechanic in the making, or you don’t know a spark plug from a spare tyre – Pit Crew is the place to learn and refine your skills.

Based at our Wynnum workshop, this program takes participants through a range of car maintenance skills, supported by a qualified mechanic.

Members of the Pit Crew will learn how to:

  • Do inspections and light checks
  • Check engine oil and fluids
  • Check tyre pressure and rotate when needed
  • Keep the vehicle sparkling clean inside and out
  • Follow a log book and see when servicing is due

.. and many more tips for maintaining a well-oiled machine!

The Pit Crew will also be involved in taking vehicles to the mechanic for more detailed servicing. They’ll link in with the maintenance schedule for the fleet used by Blue Tongue Adventure’s parent company, Tea-Cup Cottage. This helps participants to understand the regular and routine maintenance that cars require, and what to expect on visits to the mechanic.

If your goal is to get a car of your own one day, Pit Crew will help you to learn how to maintain it.  Or maybe you’re interested in becoming a mechanic yourself  – the Pit Crew program can show you what your future job will be like! Hey, maybe you just love working with anything mechanical – then you’ll definitely love this program!

Pit Crew is the latest in our range of disability support day programs on offer to young adults. From art and woodwork workshops, to learning cooking skills in our own hospitality venues and even working with horses for equine-assisted learning – Blue Tongue Adventure’s programs are designed with young adults in mind.

Contact us for more information, or to sign up!

Blue Tongue Adventure’s newest disability support program has been wildly popular with participants, as they get the chance to work with horses, while learning valuable social and emotional skills along the way. 

Once a week, the Blue Tongue Crew heads to Gumdale’s Kurshonbrooke Lodge for their equine-assisted learning program, ‘The Stable’, under the expert guidance of experienced teacher and equestrian coach, Shonel Balsillie. 

Blue Tongue Coordinator Sam Franklin-Wangman said the first 10-week unit is focused on friendships. 

“It’s a really beautiful program! Our crew is learning so much about relationships, communication, and emotions. Working with horses helps them to understand people’s reactions,” she said.  

“For example, if you are loud, and not respecting a space, a horse will feel that energy and shy away from you. But if you come in open, kind and accepting, horses are willing to come to you. It’s the same for our interactions with our family and friends.” 

Ms Franklin-Wangman said the participants are involved in a diverse range of learning experiences. 

“Each session opens with a grounding and gratitude exercise. There’s also time to sit down and work through topics such as feeling overwhelmed, and how to process those feelings,” she said. 

A man stands with a small white horse in front of him. He pats the horse with one hand, while his other hand rests on a woman's shoulder for support. Two people stand on either side of a horse, near its face. A horse handler shows a young man how to gently pat the horse's nose.

The Stable is just one of many disability programs on offer every week through Blue Tongue Adventure. There are also woodwork and art workshops, cooking programs, social events, and much more – all designed with young adults in mind. 

Want to know more? Contact us here or call 1800 832 287. 


Are you in your final year of school, wondering what next year will look like?  Finishing school, changing routines, wondering about work – that can all sound pretty daunting!  BUT, for young people living with disability, Blue Tongue Adventure’s day programs are here to support you as you make the jump from school to adult life.

Our disability support day programs are a place for young people to gather, get involved in new activities and interests, make new friends, learn life skills, and always have stacks of fun! If you’re not ready to dive straight in with us, you’re welcome to give us a try, and see for yourself what we’re all about.

  • BTA For A Day: try Blue Tongue Adventure for a day, absolutely free!  Come along and meet everyone, get involved in the programs, and have a great time! Chat to our coordinator to choose a day that suits you.
  • Transition programs: You can try our activities on a regular basis via the programs we run with schools, where senior students are invited to join us once a week during Terms 3 and 4. This helps make the transition to post-school life super smooth.

Our days run from 9am to 3pm, Monday to Friday, to help replicate the school routine.  You can join us 5 days a week, or just pick the days you want to attend.

Whether you’re looking for new friendships, new experiences, or new skills – there’s something for everyone at Blue Tongue!

So why not give it a try?  Contact our coordinators on bluetongueadventure@tea-cupcottage.com.au or call 1800 832 287. We can’t wait to show you how much fun you can have at Blue Tongue Adventure!

Friday is everyone’s favourite day of the week at Blue Tongue Adventure – in fact we call it T-G-I (Thank Goodness It’s) FRIDAY!

On Fridays, it’s the Crew’s choice – we get out into the community, soaking up everything it has to offer.  It’s a chance to hang out with friends and just have a great time!

Lately the guys in the Brisbane crew have been loving heading to Timezone.  Racing simulators, skill testers, anything with a challenge – they’ll give it a go!

A young man sits in the drivers seat of a car racing simulator game at a video arcade.A man standing in a video arcade holds some tickets he has won.

Meanwhile our Gold Coast crew’s favourite Friday activity lately has been to head out for a few rounds of pool.  They’ve really been sharpening their skills and working on techniques – and now anywhere they can find a billiard table, it’s game on!

Two young people playing pool. They stand at either end of the pool table holding queues.A young woman leans over a pool table, lining up the balls for a new game.

There’s really no limit to what the Blue Tongue Crew can do on TGI Friday. Sometimes it’s a girl’s day out shopping, other times it could be indoor trampolining, or a visit to the museum.  As a disability support program for young people, we always ensure our programs are fun, exciting and engaging.

Getting involved in a range of activities supports our Crew to feel connected to their local community, as well as building strong social relationships with other members of the Crew.

As for what’s next on the TGI Friday to-do list?  Well, it could be anything – but one thing’s for sure, it will definitely be fun!

Here at Blue Tongue Adventure, we offer a variety of disability support programs, targeted to our Blue Tongue Crew’s goals and interests.

And without a doubt, one of the most popular is our Cooking School! (And let’s be honest, the eating part is just as much fun as the cooking part!)

Recently lasagne was on the menu for our Gold Coast Crew.  They made a list and went to the grocery store, independently finding the ingredients they needed to buy. Then the crew headed back to our Helensvale kitchen to put their chef skills to work.

Demonstrating a wide range of skills, they carefully chopped and prepared ingredients, cooked the sauce, assembled the lasagne ready for the oven … and lunch was served!

A man frying mince in a pan, smiling as he stirs with a spatula.Two people build a lasagne in a tray, layering sauce and lasagne sheets.A person holds out a plate of lasagne with garlic bread on the side.

Meanwhile our Brisbane crew tried their hands at making sushi bowls.  Working as a team to prepare and cook the ingredients, they assembled a delicious and healthy meal, sitting down to enjoy it together.

A young man in a kitchen chops chicken on a chopping board, wearing blue rubber gloves. A young man chops vegetables on a chopping board. He is looking up at the camera and smiling.A man frying diced chicken in a frypan on a gas stove. He is smiling and concentrating on stirring the chicken with tongs.

Cooking School supports our Blue Tongue Crew to learn and develop independence and confidence in meal preparation, from sourcing ingredients through to preparing, cooking, and cleaning up afterward. It’s a chance to learn all about food hygiene and knife skills, and follow recipes they can replicate at home.  It’s also pretty cool having access to commercial kitchen facilities at Blue Tongue Pantry – our Crew gets a taste of what working in hospitality might be like!

Can’t wait to see what’s on the menu next week …


Thought we couldn’t possibly pack more fun and adventure into each week at Blue Tongue Adventure? It turns out – we can!  

Our new Equine-Assisted Learning program, The Stable, is coming to Blue Tongue Adventure Brisbane and Gold Coast in April! 

Horses are such intelligent, majestic animals, and they’re in touch with human behaviour. Horses value and respond to authentic interactions, so through our experiences with them, we can grow and develop new social and emotional knowledge and skills. 

The Stable will run in six-week blocks, and our first module is all about friendship.  

By the end, our Blue Tongue Crew will have a deeper knowledge and skills of: 

·         Healthy and unhealthy friendships 

·         How to manage emotions appropriately 

·         How to interact with others in a positive way 

·         How to solve friendship problems 

·         How to manage conflict resolution 

·         Verbal and non-verbal communication 

·         How to be a great communicator 

·         How to be alone 

·         How to work together as a team 

All that, from working with horses? Amazing, isn’t it! 

For this exciting new disability support program, we’re partnering with Kurshonbrooke Lodge. Director Shonelle Balsillie has competed in various equestrian disciplines at State and National level, and she is also an experienced and registered teacher. Shonelle loves combining her knowledge and experience in both fields, to facilitate equine-assisted learning programs. We cannot wait to get started! 

Places in this program are strictly limited, and we know it’ll be popular! For more information, contact Blue Tongue Adventure on 1800 832 287 or bluetongueadventure@tea-cupcottage.com.au.