Three young men sit at a table eating a meal, another stands at the table. All are smiling.

Here at Blue Tongue Adventure, we offer a variety of disability support programs, targeted to our Blue Tongue Crew’s goals and interests.

And without a doubt, one of the most popular is our Cooking School! (And let’s be honest, the eating part is just as much fun as the cooking part!)

Recently lasagne was on the menu for our Gold Coast Crew.  They made a list and went to the grocery store, independently finding the ingredients they needed to buy. Then the crew headed back to our Helensvale kitchen to put their chef skills to work.

Demonstrating a wide range of skills, they carefully chopped and prepared ingredients, cooked the sauce, assembled the lasagne ready for the oven … and lunch was served!

A man frying mince in a pan, smiling as he stirs with a spatula.Two people build a lasagne in a tray, layering sauce and lasagne sheets.A person holds out a plate of lasagne with garlic bread on the side.

Meanwhile our Brisbane crew tried their hands at making sushi bowls.  Working as a team to prepare and cook the ingredients, they assembled a delicious and healthy meal, sitting down to enjoy it together.

A young man in a kitchen chops chicken on a chopping board, wearing blue rubber gloves. A young man chops vegetables on a chopping board. He is looking up at the camera and smiling.A man frying diced chicken in a frypan on a gas stove. He is smiling and concentrating on stirring the chicken with tongs.

Cooking School supports our Blue Tongue Crew to learn and develop independence and confidence in meal preparation, from sourcing ingredients through to preparing, cooking, and cleaning up afterward. It’s a chance to learn all about food hygiene and knife skills, and follow recipes they can replicate at home.  It’s also pretty cool having access to commercial kitchen facilities at Blue Tongue Pantry – our Crew gets a taste of what working in hospitality might be like!

Can’t wait to see what’s on the menu next week …