Three young men stand in a video games arcade. They all carry backpacks and look happy.

Friday is everyone’s favourite day of the week at Blue Tongue Adventure – in fact we call it T-G-I (Thank Goodness It’s) FRIDAY!

On Fridays, it’s the Crew’s choice – we get out into the community, soaking up everything it has to offer.  It’s a chance to hang out with friends and just have a great time!

Lately the guys in the Brisbane crew have been loving heading to Timezone.  Racing simulators, skill testers, anything with a challenge – they’ll give it a go!

A young man sits in the drivers seat of a car racing simulator game at a video arcade.A man standing in a video arcade holds some tickets he has won.

Meanwhile our Gold Coast crew’s favourite Friday activity lately has been to head out for a few rounds of pool.  They’ve really been sharpening their skills and working on techniques – and now anywhere they can find a billiard table, it’s game on!

Two young people playing pool. They stand at either end of the pool table holding queues.A young woman leans over a pool table, lining up the balls for a new game.

There’s really no limit to what the Blue Tongue Crew can do on TGI Friday. Sometimes it’s a girl’s day out shopping, other times it could be indoor trampolining, or a visit to the museum.  As a disability support program for young people, we always ensure our programs are fun, exciting and engaging.

Getting involved in a range of activities supports our Crew to feel connected to their local community, as well as building strong social relationships with other members of the Crew.

As for what’s next on the TGI Friday to-do list?  Well, it could be anything – but one thing’s for sure, it will definitely be fun!