A woman stands beside a horse, gazing affectionately at it and stroking its face.

Thought we couldn’t possibly pack more fun and adventure into each week at Blue Tongue Adventure? It turns out – we can!  

Our new Equine-Assisted Learning program, The Stable, is coming to Blue Tongue Adventure Brisbane and Gold Coast in April! 

Horses are such intelligent, majestic animals, and they’re in touch with human behaviour. Horses value and respond to authentic interactions, so through our experiences with them, we can grow and develop new social and emotional knowledge and skills. 

The Stable will run in six-week blocks, and our first module is all about friendship.  

By the end, our Blue Tongue Crew will have a deeper knowledge and skills of: 

·         Healthy and unhealthy friendships 

·         How to manage emotions appropriately 

·         How to interact with others in a positive way 

·         How to solve friendship problems 

·         How to manage conflict resolution 

·         Verbal and non-verbal communication 

·         How to be a great communicator 

·         How to be alone 

·         How to work together as a team 

All that, from working with horses? Amazing, isn’t it! 

For this exciting new disability support program, we’re partnering with Kurshonbrooke Lodge. Director Shonelle Balsillie has competed in various equestrian disciplines at State and National level, and she is also an experienced and registered teacher. Shonelle loves combining her knowledge and experience in both fields, to facilitate equine-assisted learning programs. We cannot wait to get started! 

Places in this program are strictly limited, and we know it’ll be popular! For more information, contact Blue Tongue Adventure on 1800 832 287 or bluetongueadventure@tea-cupcottage.com.au.