What a night – our Blue Tongue Collectables Art Show was a raging success! The walls of our Wynnum studio were absolutely brimming with such a diverse range of pieces – in fact even we were surprised to see just how many amazing art works we’d created, once they were all put on display!

We were absolutely blown away by the support of our family and friends as well as the local Wynnum community who came out in force to admire our work and learn more about Blue Tongue Adventure. Our Helensvale crew didn’t miss out – contributing some very special pieces to the show, and making the trip north to join the festivities!

So many of our artists experienced a moment of pride when guests bought their pieces. The artists will earn a portion of the proceeds of their sales, while a small portion is being reinvested in our programs. We’re saving for our own kiln for the art studio, so that our ceramic creations can be fired on-site, and judging by last night’s turnout we’re getting much closer to our goal!

It’s such a special heart-warming feeling when everyone’s efforts come together to create a fantastic community event: from our talented Blue Tongue Crew putting their “art and soul” into their pieces, to our dedicated support staff encouraging the crew and celebrating their progress, and our amazing coordinators for pulling it all together. This was our first ever art show but we’re sure it won’t be the last!

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