As the Blue Tongue Adventure crew continues preparations for the Art Show in June, participants have learned about skills and talents they never knew they had!

In our Wynnum Collectables space, Art + Soul program participants have been creating a stunning variety of pieces from paintings to ceramics.  But our woodworkers in The Workshop are also discovering their own artistic flair, starting with fascinating 3D abstract wall art pieces which see the artists experimenting with shape and pattern.

Will, 22, was a little surprised – yet delighted – to discover his own artistic skills. “I love woodwork – but now I know I can be an artist with woodwork!”

Will explains: “At school we made dollhouses, that sort of thing.  But with what we do here, now I know I can be an artist using woodwork.

“I can’t really draw so I never thought I could be an artist, but now… I know I can use wood to make art,” he smiles.

Meanwhile, our ceramic artists are working on a spectacular central piece for the show.   Art program coordinator Josh says the crew has researched the art works of different cultures for inspiration.

“We’ve looked at the symbolism of totem poles, and talked about how those elements have meaning for North American cultures,” he says. “We talked about how we could bring our own influences and experiences to the piece, to represent our local area. Now each week we create a new element and the artists are each bringing their own personal individual touch to their contributions.”

Bring on the big day – we can’t wait!

The Blue Tongue Art Show is on June 22, 2021 at Blue Tongue Collectables, 260 Tingal Road Wynnum.

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